Train Like a Female is the ultimate challenge for female triathletes

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Fantastic feedback from Cohort 1 founding members, May 2020.

"This experience was fantastic,  I learnt so much, i would recommend it to anyone" Loz Mollart

"I have found out so much about my body and the effect that hormones and my cycle have on me, not just in training but in everyday life" Julia Stirrup

" I have learnt so much. The main one being permission. The course has given me permission to step away from a training plan and do what is right for my body on that day. Thank you Suzie." Helen Murray

Watch the video below to hear what members from the Inaugural community thought of the Train Like a Female 6 week course

An Interactive, Holistic System 

The 6 week challenge is the start of your membership to the Train Like a Female community.



You will join a group of like minded female triathletes to:

- Develop into a healthy, faster athlete, avoiding the fear of injury and fatigue.

- Develop the knowledge of how training can work with rather than against your body.

- Develop your menstrual cycle awareness so you are empowered to take control of your training to gain the results you know you are capable of.

Truly holistic.

The aim is to equip you with the tools, knowledge and resources during the 6 week challenge to develop into a successful athlete who can train without fear of injury and fatigue as you learn to train with rather than against your body.


How does it work?

- The challenge content is held in the Train Like a Female app. This comes as a desktop version and a mobile version for both apple and android phones.

-Each week a new module is sent to you, you have the week to work through the activities at your own pace, using the activity booklet and resources. These resources include weekly guided meditations, swim, bike, run and gym workout suggestions.

-A weekly group zoom call is held each week to discuss the modules content and share ideas between athletes.

Email for an application form and to book a phone call with Suzie to establish if this challenge is right for you

Suzie speaks to everyone who joins the challenge and becomes a member of Train Like a Female to make sure this community is suitable for them.