The need for intervals? or not?

⚡️THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK⚡️ "How can I train around my menstrual cycle, I can't bare to do intervals when im on my period". Last week I attended a webinar hosted by Dr Stephen Seiler, one of the foremost experts on sports training. Based in Norway he gave a 3 hour webinar on Sustainable Training for Attainable Endurance goals. I have read a few of his books and articles, but this 3 hour webinar dug deeper into intensity distribution and periodisation.

The below image was from one of his slides. It shows the intensity distribution of a years training for the former world record holder over the marathon, 10,000m, 5000m Ingrid Kristiansen. It is commonly acknowledged that successful athletes from world record holders, to good club athletes have very similar intensity distributions. A lot of easy training, with very little very high intensity training. You can use training peaks to get a good snap shot of your training distribution. You can see how much time you are spending in each zone. When I did this for my own training, it made me realise I was spending too much time in zone 3 and not enough in zones 1 and 2, so I slowed down my easy running and riding. There were whole months when Ingrid did ZERO high intensity work. This aligns with other studies that have shown, what is important is the consistent everyday easy stuff not the hero hard workouts. GREAT NEWS for "how can I train around my menstrual cycle, I can't bare to do intervals when im on my period". You don't need to, just jog or walk, the key is easy stuff and consistently. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO DISCUSS ON THIS. I will share some more thoughts in the next post

Training Peaks instructions:

Go to dashboard option at the top, you can choose what graphs you can see, click on the graph symbol on the left, drag across the 'time in heart rate' graph, the 3 lines on the top allow you to change date range and if you want all sports or just running or cycling.

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