Hilly Race? Train Hilly or Flat?

**RACE SPECIFIC'S** Do you train specifically for the event you are doing?

It's good to see a few races beginning to happen, or hopefully happening over the next month. This time of year, is where training really varies between athletes, as training becomes more specific to their events. For example: One athlete I coach, is entered into The Roc on 5th September. A unique event in North Wales. A 1500m sea swim, cycle 50km to the base of snowdon, run 6km up the Watkins path to summit snowdon, 6km back down snowdon, remount bike, cycle 50km back to the coast and finish with a 1km beach run. How do you train for this?? 👉Last week I set Jenni a specific run/hike hill session to practice for the up and down of Snowdon. She used some local steps in a woodland and accumulated 662m of elevation. 👉Sea swim practice to prepare for the swim. The aim is to build confidence, especially if you are not use to sea swimming. 👉Next week I have created a bike to hilly run to bike session to replicate the unique nature of the race.

It looks like the entries are still open, so if you fancy the challenge, check out the event here https://www.theroc.com Have you got an event coming up? Unsure how to tweak your training to be more specific for it? drop me an email at suzierichards1@googlemail.com and I will reply with a few ideas.

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