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Kona 2017- What the Pre Race interviews and dolphin tweets tell us?


Say it to any triathlete and they know you are referring to; that Julie Moss Ironman Crawl, Ironwar- The Allen vs Scott 1989 dual, 4 times winner Chrissie Wellington. Kona is the World Ironman Triathlon Championships in tropical Hawaii .

The Ironman World Championships start gun will fire on Saturday 14th October. The previous two weeks has seen a plethora of interviews and social media content coming out of Kona. Triathletes swimming with dolphins, triathletes on time trial bikes that look like rocket ships, triathletes on the beach looking insanely lean, tanned with 6 packs and muscles on show.

I have been watching the Youtube videos, listening to the podcasts and as sharing is caring, I thought I would provide a round up of a few of my favourites and what I have learnt while dreaming of tropical islands.


The Fat Black Podcast- Hosted by Kristian Manietta .Providing short daily conversations with a variety of coaches and athletes in the run up to the race.

My favourite was podcast #229 the conversation with Karlyn Pipes. Super swimmer, holder of a variety of Masters swim world records and local Kona resident. Super enthusiastic and knowledgeable she provided a variety of swim tips, including:

* RELAX- Provide attention to the tension

* You can't muscle through the water, feel the water, work with it

* Long at the front, short at the back- Reach BIG, Pull SHORT

OxygenAddict Podcast

Last weeks Podcast #147 was a bumper Kona preview show. Ann interview with tritrating.com 's Thorsten Radde who went through his predictions for race day, plus part 2 of Pro athlete Nikki Bartlett's Kona Diary- Nikki is surely the most exciting Pro athlete out there! It is great to hear her take on the course, the heat and swimming with dolphins.


Once again, Witsup have been providing great coverage of the Pro Women, with their Witsup Wahine Warriors interviews.

The videos are short and snappy, each athlete is asked to describe themselves in 3 key words. It has been interesting to see the 3 words athletes choose, I think it is an interesting insight into the mindset. There is footage of the athletes training and a short interview.

Great service, promoting the Pro women, who let's remember have 40 athletes on the start line, compared to 59 men. One day, lets hope to see equality in Kona.

What 3 words does 2 x Ironman World Champion, Danielle Ryf pick to describe herself? Click here to find out.

Talbot Cox - Instagram Profile here

Youtube Channel here

Talbot has been using his drone and fun sense of humour to create some brilliant Youtube videos, highlighting the Pro athletes before Saturday. A real mix, there is no set format and it really gives an insight into the different personalities.

Breakfast with Bob Babbitt

Bob Babbitt is a legendary voice in the endurance sports world. His website www.babbittville.com is host to a treasure trove of interviews and inspiration. His interviews "Breakfast with Bob" has become a well known part of Kona. Check out the videos here

I have picked out two Breakfast with Bob interviews I particularly enjoyed. The first is with James Cunnama, the South African who has been winning races for breakfast this year. Watch it here. His highest place in Kona has been a 4th on his debut in 2013. This year he is back working with arguably the most successful triathlon coach ever Brett Sutton. And it seems to be paying dividends with wins at Ironman Hamburgh , 70.3 Lanzarote and 70.3 Weymouth in recent weeks. I found this interview interesting, from a coaching perspective, as James talks about Brett and how he coaches and what makes him so successful

" He coaches everybody as individuals, he whats apps me my training daily, whereas Danielle Ryf has a spreadsheet with her training in for weeks in advance"

" He throws curve balls at me several times a week, he knows how to get the best out of me" "He definitely is not a coach who gives everyone a long run on Sunday and everyone track reps on Tuesday"

The second Breakfast with Bob interview I loved was with the ever smiling Dane, Michelle Vesterby. I real personality in the sport, she was super open, honest and hilarious in equal measures. I think it highlights, how being happy in life, can lead to great performance. Watch it here.

IronWoman Podcast- Facebook interviews

Has a whole host of interviews with the female Pro athletes, who are racing and spectating like 3 times champion Rinny.

Race previews

Tri247 have a really in depth look at the Pro athletes and the GB age group athletes who are out racing in Kona. Good to read/ watch the interviews before watching the race unfold on Saturday.

There are, I am sure, many others sources of great content out there, but that's a quick summary.

GOOD LUCK to everyone out there racing Kona 2017. The quicker you race, the quicker you can have that well deserved cold beer!

You can watch the race here on RedBull TV , the action starts Saturday evening in the UK.

For those who have asked me, what I think. Here are my predictions: Based entirely on speculation and zero real knowledge of how the athletes are feeling!

Males Race:

1. Lionel Sanders 2. Jan Frodeno 3. James Cunnama

Female race:

1. Danielle Ryf 2. Sarah Crowley 3. Lindsay Corbin

Top Brits: David McNamee to get in the top 10, Lucy Charles and Susie Cheetham to get in the top 8

Full Pro Start list can be seen here

You can enter your predictions into the Tri247 Kona 2017 prediction contest here if you

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