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Triathlon Coaching & Joining Team Oxygen Addict

On 4th June, I qualified as a level 2 British Triathlon Coach. I had spent several weekends at Lancaster University, learning under Tutors Rob Wilby and Tony Jolly with a group of fantastic coaches from around the North of England (and Bahrain) .

Over recent months, several friends, friends of friends and members of the local triathlon and cycle club have asked me for advice, regarding their triathlon training. I was always cautious giving advice. I knew what I was doing in training, I knew my personal ideas and opinions but I didn't know that it would work for them. I felt going through the coaching qualification process would allow me to learn underlying principals and coaching philosophies, that would provide me with confidence when someone asked for my advice.

Gaining the coaching qualification process was a great learning experience, it allowed me to try out ideas in Leeds Bradford Triathlon club group sessions and with the kids in The Mini Rosa's (junior side of Alba Rosa cycle club).

What's next?

I am excited to be coaching triathlon 1:1 as part of the Oxygen Addict coaching team. Set up by Rob Wilby, Oxygen Addict is a Triathlon Coaching company, offering a range of coaching services. I first heard of Rob, through his 'Oxygen addict podcast' formerly called The Cup of Tri podcast. I was interviewed on podcast #64 (The warm up act for Chrissie Wellington on #65 ) and since then have been an avid listener. Check out the latest Mark Allen interviews.

I got to know Rob through the coaching course and it is great to join him at Oxygen Addict and to draw on his experience and ideas as a coach.

My coach profile on Oxygen Addict Website. Click here to see the full profile

Keep an eye on the Oxygen addict website for updates and if you want to know more, then you can email me

Good luck for your own racing and training.

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