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I had heard about Precision Hydration from a number of friends, I then heard Helen Murray talking on Oxygen Addict podcast about a hydration evening at Knutsford Triathlon club, where the guys at precision hydration ran a hydration workshop, giving a talk and providing sweat tests.

I thought this sounded great so I got on the phone to Jonny at Precision Hydration and organised for them to come up to Leeds to give a similar talk for Leeds Bradford Triathlon club.

I was personally interested in getting a sweat test, after some thirsty experiences last year. In a few 70.3 races last year my Triathlon suit would end up covered in salt and I would get to mid way round the run feeling really parched, craving sugar and feeling like i needed liquid. It made me assess my hydration and I realised I had plenty to learn.

Eight of us from Leeds Bradford Tri Club, paid for the exercise-free, Advanced Sweat Test. You can see a video of the hydration test here. The test tells you exactly how much sodium you lose in your sweat and creates a Personalised Hydration Plan around that.

Knowing how much you're losing - it can vary from as little as 200mg per litre of sweat to as much

as 2000mg/l - allows you to personalise your hydration strategy and maintain your performance.

Paul and Andy, Leeds Bradford Triathlon Club members, having a sweat test with Precision Hydration.

Following the test, the results were explained and I was given a recommended hydration strategy. Here was my hydration report

Andy, from Precision Hydration then went through pre race/training hydration, hydration during a race/ training and post race. I immediately saw that I was not taking on enough salts. Generally mainstream electrolyte tabs, such as these hydro tabs by OTE contain 250mg of sodium. I was generally putting one tab in a bottle and thinking that was sufficient. No wonder I was ending races in so much pain and getting so thirsty mid race. It was interesting to know how personal 'sweat concentration rates are for each individual.

At the end of the evening, Andy from Precision Hydration, gave a talk to the club, which was really informative and provided a great insight into the background of precision hydration and the way hydration has been viewed over the years.

I would highly recommend talking to the guys at Precision Hydration if you feel you need help with hydration and a sweat test is well worth the money in my opinion.

Thank you to Andy, Jonny and Alex from Precision Hydration for coming to Leeds.

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