• Suzie

Post Ride Super Toast

Credit for these delicious snacks goes to Adam Connell. This has become a favourite post ride snack in our house. Toast with a variety of toppings, generally fridge left overs, garnished with chopped veg.

The above is a mix of quinoa, cherry tomatoes, red pepper and fresh chives.

Slices of Avocado, with some beans (kidney beans and chick peas) fried with onion and yellow pepper.

There are so many combinations. Hummus and veg (mushrooms and spinach great to put ontop of hummus), mashed avocado with lemon/lime squeezed ontop, fried peppers, onions and tomatoes.

There are endless toast toppings.

Thanks Steve, for the fresh purple top broccoli from the allotment. Great on hummus.

Beans and tomato mix


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