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Chocolate Brownies

I LOVE Chocolate and I LOVE Brownies, so Chocolate brownies are a little piece of heaven.

I have experimented with numerous recipes. I like the chocolate beetroot brownies recipe from OTE. And if you google 'chocolate brownies' a mass of recipes spring up.

This brownie recipe is a mix from many of these. It uses the sweetness of natural fruits such as the beetroot, banana and dates along with the honey. You can make it as chocolatey as you like, by adding more or less chocolate and you can use what ever type of chocolate you prefer.


- Dates

- Warm water

- Chocolate

- beetroot

- Banana

- Baking powder

- Flour (a mix of different types is fine, what ever you have, I used a mix of plain, self raising and coconut flour)

- Coconut oil

- Honey and or Algave syrup/ Maple Syrup

-Vanilla essence

This method is a mix and match of various different recipes i have used in the past with a healthy dose of, make it up as i go along. Turns out different every time!

Method (a loose guideline)

- Preheat the oven (i set ours for 150 degrees)

- Soak the dates in warm water for a few minutes so they soften and then you can chop them into small pieces easily.

- Melt coconut oil and chocolate, i put in a bowl and then in the microwave. Not for long though. 50 seconds in the microwave does the trick. keep an eye on it. or you can melt it in a pan on the hob.

Once you have softened the dates and melted the chocolate and oil then add all the ingredients to a bowl and use an electric whisk to mix them. I used 1 banana, 2 beetroots (cooked and chopped up before adding to the bowl), 75g of coco powder, half a jar of honey (you can use Algave or maple syrup if you want to be 100% plant based), a table spoon of baking powder, 250g of flour ( a mix of plain, self raising and coconut, as that is what was in the cupboard) , a teaspoon on vaila essence, a big handful of dates, a big bar of chocolate and half a jar of coconut oil.

Add more wet ingredients if too hard and add more flour if too runny.Brownie mixture is more dense and they runny than cake mixture

Once the ingredients are well mixed, place in tray (use grease proof paper to prevent it sticking to the tray) and put in the oven. I had pre heated the oven and it was set on 150 degrees. If you want soft gooey brownies, they don't need long in the oven. 10-15 minutes, keep checking them and prodding with a knife.

We ate our first piece straight out of the oven with some ice cream (Swedish Glace, dairy free and tastes great) and sprinkles (Aldi Linseed/pumkin seed mix ss a great crunchy topping)


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