Thai Green Curry

This has become one of our favourite go to quick, easy tasty dishes. And all credit goes to Adam for learning this dish and being the regular chef of this tasty dish. He cycled home on Thursday, with a backpack full of Ingredients, bought from Non Fern Thai Supermarket, in Leeds

For the Thai Green Paste

Lemon Grass (5 sticks)

Ginger ( 2cm by 2cm cube)

Basil (handfull)

Coriander (handfull)

Red Chillies (3 hot chillies with seeds)

Olive Oil (keep adding to the food processor until the ingredients turn into a paste- lots at least 10 tablespoons)

Garlic (6 skinned cloves)

Quantities in brackets are what we used to make a blender full of paste

Method for the paste

To make the paste, chop ingredients and throw into a blender. We generally make a large quantity so we can use some of the paste to make a big dish, then have left over paste that we can freeze and have to throw into pan with some veg at another time.

Place a couple of spoonfuls of paste in a hot Wok/Big pan

Ingredients for the main dish

Rice Noodles


Bean sprouts

Red peppers

Pak Choi

Bamboo shoots

Coconut milk or creamed coconut


Once the Thai green paste is hot and simmering (after a few minutes) add the chopped pepper and tofu. Cook on a high heat for a few minutes and then add the remaining ingredients; bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, and the coconut milk. Keep stirring the whole time so the ingredients don't stick to the bottom of the pan.

Finally add the rice noodles and pak choi.

That's it, supper easy and tasty Thai Green Curry. We have bonus left over curry paste for the freezer. The frozen paste makes for a fast dish, ideal for after training. Defrost the paste slightly in the microwave, just enough to get the paste out of the tub, then add straight to the wok. Now add chopped ingreadients of your choice, noodles, and top up with coconut milk.


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