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Curly Kale in Avocado & A Quick Colourful Salad

This was a recipe and recommendation given to us by John Coles-Carr. A member of the Arup Process Engineering Team. A team I was invited to give a talk to during their international team conference. I spoke about setting and measuring goals.in a triathlon context and how i used technology to help me (blog post on this coming up)

John is a plant loving man, bringing his salads in a jar to work and recommended the Kale massaged in Avocado dish, which was brilliant, no cooking needed, just massaging! Thanks John.

Curly Kale massaged in Avocado

Usually we steam our Kale for a minute or 2 or throw it into a dish at the last minute.

John assured us, no cooking was needed, you could make the Kale soft by massaging it with avocado.

-Take the kale, put in a bowl

-Cut an avocado in half, remove the stone and scoop out the avocado (avocado needs to be soft for this to work well)

-Using your hands, massage the avocado into the kale for a few minutes, making the kale soft

-We added some chopped mushrooms and olives into the kale and seasoned with salt/pepper.

- This is the most delicious, soft, creamy Kale I have ever eaten. Awesome.

Part of a night of colourful salads

This was a typical week day, when we had both finished work and training and we sat on the sofa, pretty tired.

It is at this point, you want some quick, simple food.

Adam, made the avocado kale dish that John had told us about and I threw some veg into the food processor to create another salad, let's call it the 'Quick colourful salad'

Quick Colourful Salad

In a big bowl/dish throw in

- Carrots (chopped in a food processor)

- Tomatoes

- Peppers

- Celery


- Peas and sweetcorn (Defrosted in a bowl of water in the microwave)

- Pomegranate (5 for a £1 at the market!)

Two quick and easy salads. The most delicious, soft creamy Kale I have ever tasted!


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