Creamy Coconut lentils

Red lentils cooked in tomatoes and coconut milk with veg. Spinach and sweet potato wedges on the side.

Another great dish that can be made in big quantities. Grab a big pan, big packet of lentils and this will last you several lunches and dinners.


For the lentl dish

Red Lentils




Veg stock cube

Passata/ tinned chopped tomatoes

Coconut milk

Creamed coconut


To serve on the side

- Greens-I choose spinach, but often have broccoli/kale

- Sweet Potatoes- made into wedges in the oven


To make the Lentil dish

-Get a big pan. This is an ideal dish to make in a large quantity, to have for several meals or freeze for the future.

-Heat oil in the pan, throw in chopped onions and ginger (if using fresh turmeric add now, if using powder, add when you add the lentils, later on). fry until soft.

-Add carrots and any other veg you want to add, parsnips work well, so too do sweet potato (chop them into small pieces) fry and stir for a minute then add a mix of Passata/ tinned chopped tomatoes/ hot water (i boil in the kettle first) enough to cover all the ingredients.

-Add the lentils and the turmeric if using powder add lots to create a big dish. Add more water (mix in the veg stock cube into some of the water and add) and a tin of coconut milk and to make thicker and more creamy some creamed coconut.

Quantities: For example i used 3 onions, 8 carrots, and 3 pints worth of lentils with 1 cartoon of Passata, 1 tin of coconut milk and half a cartoon of creamed coconut.

-Have enough liquid to cover the lentils and veg, remember the lentils will expand when cooked. -Cook on a low heat, let it simmer away with a lid on and keep checking on it, add more liquid if needed and stir so nothing sticks to the bottom of the pan.

When the lentils have expanded and are soft it is ready.

Add some sides

- I added some spinach onto the side to gets some greens in and I chopped some sweet potatoes and roasted them in olive oil in the oven to make wedges.

There you have it. A big pan full of creamy lentils and veg deliciousness to last for a few days.


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