Quinoa Rainbow Salad

Inspired by the Leon Salad Cook book that Adam's mum Jane bought us. This has become one of our favourite go to dishes. Thanks Jane.

Ingredients- All quantities depends on how big a salad you want to make!


-Frozen peas

-Sweetcorn (frozen or tinned)


- Spinach

- Coriander and/or Mint (ideally fresh leaves)

-Lemon (fresh to squeeze over the top)


- Cook the quinoa in a pan on the hob, cover the quinoa with water, once the water is boiled then put it on a low heat and simmer, it doesn't need long ( 15 minutes simmering or until water is absorbed)

- If using frozen peas and sweetcorn, place in water in a bowl and defrost/cook in the microwave for 5 minutes

- Chop the pomegranate into quarters and remove the seeds, this is the most time consuming part.

-Chop/tear the spinach into smaller pieces.

Once the quinoa is cooked put into a bowl, add the cooked peas/sweetcorn. Throw in the pomegranate and spinach. Chop and add in a handful of coriander and/or Mint and squeeze over some fresh lemon.

We have taken this dish round to friends houses, when, 10 minutes before leaving you realise you need to take a dish/contribution. Super quick and easy. Can have a bowl as a snack or a plate as a meal or acts as a side as part of another meal.


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