First Impressions of Suunto Spartan

Last week I unwrapped my new Suunto Spartan watch.

Having taken it out into the cold, British weather on a few run's this week here are my first impressions:

1) The Spartan straight away found GPS signal. Which meant no need to put the watch on the top of the bin's in the garden while I did my pre run mobility. Or stand around in the cold waiting for the GPS signal light to light up. I put it on, stepped out the door and everything was ready to go.

2) The Heart Rate recorded accurately and smoothly. My previous watch, would for unknown reasons record a crazy high heart rate initially, before settling down. I would be jogging down the road and my heart rate would be recorded at 180bpm (my known max is 182) this would only last for a few minutes but would cause my average heart rate readings to be all out on line. Below you can see the heart rate recordings from the Spartan and the old watch. It is nice to have accurate heart rate data.

The graph below from my steady run on Tuesday with a few strides at the end. Red is the heart rate and blue the pace.

Graph from a easy long run couple of weekends ago, using the old watch. Note the initial heart rate spikes.

So far so good. The touch screen is great, I am getting use to the size, as it is a bit bigger and chunkier than anything i have worn before and I am slowly finding my way around the Sunnto software Movescount.

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