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Veggie Lasagna

I made this on Wednesday night and I polished off the last portion for lunch today (Friday) a good dish that creates a lot of meals. This is a dish, i make up as I go along, depending on what veg we have in our fridge, it is a great 'can't go wrong dish'. There are lots of varieties, in this one I used pasta sheets, but instead you can use thin slices of Aubergine or other veg instead of pasta.

Ingredients (quantities depend on how big the lasagna is, i made a big dish, 6 generous portions)

Onions x3

Ginger (root ginger or power)

Chilli x2 little ones or tablespoon of powdered chilli

Carrots x8

Leek x1

Peppers x2

Tomato x 3

Tin of chopped Tomatoes or Passata

Sweet Potato x2

Lasagna pasta sheets

Pasata/ Chopped Tomatoes

Coconut milk/ Creamed Coconut

Variety of herbs for seasoning (Basil/ Oregano/Coriander)


-Throw all the veg into a frying pan to heat and soften before putting it in the oven

-Start with the onions, chilli, ginger, fry them off first then add carrots, peppers, sweet potatoes, the smaller you chop the Veg the faster it cooks.

-Add the chopped tomatoes/ passata to the veg mix

- While the veg is cooking in the pan soften the pasta sheets in some simmering water in a different pan, just for a few minutes to soften.

-Pour the cooked veg into a big dish and place the lasagna sheet on top

-For the creamy tomato topping, mix the Passata with Creamed coconut in a pan, heat so the creamed coconut melts and the mixture becomes creamy. I used two cartoons of passata and added some Almond milk to bulk the quantity up! Lots of people ask, "how do you make things creamy when you don't use dairy?" Coconut is great for this along with nut milks.

Pour the creamy tomato topping over the pasta sheets and pop in the oven for 30 minutes. Time depends on your oven

I got distracted and left it in the oven too long, bit bronzed on top but still tasted great!

I made some Sweet Potato wedges to go along the lasagna. Simply chop up sweet potato, cover in oil and put in the oven,

Served with kale, broccoli and sweet potato wedges and corn on the cob.


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