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Vietnemese Pho. A Quick Noodle Dish

On Thursday night, we had a go at making Vietnamese Pho. A popular noodle soup dish. This was Adam's idea as he had eaten a Pho noodle dish for lunch earlier in the week from the Vietnamese street food stand in Kirkgate Market.


- Rice noodles

- Water

- Tofu (you could use beef/ chicken if you want meat)

- Bean sprouts

- Bamboo shoots

- Mix of spices (we found a 'Pho spice mix' already made up in a tea bag style as we had never made it before, on the package the spices included cinnamon, cardamon, cloves, coriander, fennel)

- 1 Onion

-Ginger (root ginger or powdered)

-Chilli (real or flakes/powdered)

Method- This made 2 big bowls

Making the broth- Boil 700ml of water (i always boil in the kettle, as quickest way) place in pan on the hob and add the spice mix. We found a Pho spice mix bag (spices in a tea bag) you can do your own throwing all the spices into a tea strainer or using a sieve, you want the spices to infuse the water, but not float about in the water.

Once the water has gone a murky colour and smells of spices, then place the broth over the noddles and cook the noodles in the broth for 2-3 minutes.

Broth being added to noodles

Chop onions and tofu, and fry so the tofu is firm and onions are cooked, add some root ginger and chilli if you want more of a kick. Up to you how brave your taste buds are as to how much you add!

Heat the bean sprouts and bamboo shoots in the pan with the tofu/onion/ginger/chilli. They just need to be heated so only a minute or 2.

You can find bean sprouts and bamboo shoot in tins like above or in bags at the market, big brand supermarkets or Asian food stores.

Serve up, add soya sauce and a squeeze of lemon on top, with salt/pepper to season if you fancy and Voila, a quick easy noodle soup.

Serve up. Add some soya sauce and a squeeze of lemon and another salt/pepper to season and vola. A really quick easy noodle soup dish.


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