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Hearty Red Lentil & Veg soup


- Red lentils

- Carrots

- Peppers (red/yellow)

- Onions

- Tomatoes

- Garlic

- Ginger (root ginger ideally, but powdered works too)

- Sweet Potato

- Veg stock cube

- Hot water

- Turmeric (powder is fine)

- Chilli (real or powder)

- Fresh coriander& salt/pepper to add when serving


- One big pan on the hob

- Hand held food blender or food processor

- Boil water in kettle first if you want to speed up the process.

I have not given quantities for the ingredients as it depends on how much soup you want to make, how big a pan do you have?

Really, this is a true, throw it in the pan and see how it goes, type of dish. Want it a bit thicker, add another sweet potato/ more lentils. Or want it less thick, then add more water.


- Heat olive oil in a pan on the hob.

- Add chopped garlic, onion, root ginger, fresh chilli (for the above big pot, i used 3 onions, 4 cloves of garlic and a 2cm by 2 cm piece of root ginger, 2 small chilli's) chop all finely and then fry in the pan.

- After a few minutes, or once the above is soft then add all the other chopped veg and cover with hot water. I added 7 carrots, 3 sweet potatoes, 1 red pepper, 1 yellow pepper, 2 veg stock cubes (crumble stock cubes up and mix into the hot water).

- Add in the turmeric powder, this is a great spice, for anti inflammatory. Add to taste, put a spoonful in, stir, taste, add another, etc to get the taste you are after. I put 3 table spoons in this one. If using chilli powder, add now.

- Turn the heat down, put a lid on the pan and let it simmer on a low heat for 20-30 minutes.

-Add the lentils after roughly 20 minutes, sprinkle into the pan, you want them to be covered by the water so if you need to add more water, do so.

- Cook for another 10-15 minutes , letting the lentils soften.

Use a knife to test the veg is soft.

If everything seem's soft, then blend with a hand held food blender, or pour the soup into a food processor and blend.

If you like chunky pieces in your soup, then no need to blend for as long as if you want it super smooth.

Serve with some fresh coriander and sprinkle on some salt/pepper to taste.

Serve with some bread to dip in. I prefer my bread toasted, so it stays firm when i dip it in the soup!


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