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Foodie Friday. Every Friday= a new recipe in "Food Glorious Food" section

Each Friday I post up a new recipe that i have tried out during the week. You will find it under the "Food Glorious Food" section of the website.

I have one rule

I must have made the meal/desert that week.

No doubt, on Thursday evening, I will be throwing random, exciting ingredients into a pan in an effort to keep this commitment.

Most of these recipes, will be plant based. I changed to being predominantly plant based at the start of 2016 in an effort to cure my achilles injury. I had read about the effects of plant based diet on reducing inflammation, so gave it a go. I felt great, so just kept going and a whole new world emerged. I get lots of inspiration from the Rich Roll podcast and the Happy Pear duo.

My recipes are quite "Make it up as I go along" so there may not be exact measurements. Just make it up and have a go, nothing bad can happen, with too much coriander or not enough coconut milk!


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