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My Favourite Breakfast- Green power!

I often swim first thing in the day, leaving the house at 6.15am to swim 6.45am-8am. When i get home, I often make this breakfast.

The smoothie

I love the Magi Mix, it crushes everything you throw at it! But any blender will do the trick

- handful of spinach

- 1 scoop of OTE super greens

- couple of cm's of Apple juice

- half an avocado, or if you want a full one

- chopped up apple or/and a pear

- Celery sticks and or slices of cucumber

- some root ginger, cut a cm bu cm chunk

- bunch of fresh coriander/ if you do not have fresh, then dried version will do

- Top up with water if yo want it smoother/more watery

Don't worry if you have not got all the ingredients, experiment, mix and match!

The Toast

- Toast what ever bread you fancy, I often pop my the shops on my way home and get a fresh loaf from the bakery. This one is a rye and walnut cob.

- Spread the other half of the avocado, that you didn't use in the smoothie onto the toast

-Add salt/pepper to season

- If you want, add chopped tomato, to make it look and taste even better.

Voila, Super Green Breakfast, full of Va Va Voom !


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