Mushroom Soup

Mushroom Soup is a great winter warmer and mushrooms are packed full of nutrients.

We make a big pan of this and get 10 bowls of soup out of it. Perfect of a week of lunches or/and snacks in between training.

Drizzle in some Olive oil in a pan, let it heat up, add chopped leeks (1 or 2), onion (1), celery (all the sticks that come in a bunch) and mushrooms (700g). Pour over water, enough to generously cover everything, a veg stock cube and/ or a spoonful of marmite. simmer away. Once everything is soft, blend.

NB: Quantities vary depending on how much soup you are making, just guess if unsure, you can't go wrong with too much veg! If too thick, add more water, if too watery, add more veg!


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