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Waaaay down South for Weymouth 70.3

Ironman Weymouth 70.3- September 11th

My first 70.3 pro race and a 4th place finish. A great day at the seaside, culminating in some very sore legs.

I have written a race report on the Raceskin website. Where I explain how I paced the bike using power, how my all round super star supporter Eleanor Haresign helped plan my nutrition strategy and how the race unfolded.

Read more here...

I have mixed feelings from this race, it was great to race in the pro field. It was only my 3rd ever 70.3 race, so it was a great learning experience and I think this distance requires experience and practice. However, in all honesty I know I have a faster time in me, so was slightly frustrated with my run in particular.

On the other hand looking at it objectively, there were many positives.

1) Had a solid nutrition plan that i stuck to and i felt it kept me well fuelled and feeling strong throughout. My other 70.3 experiences have seen me start the run, desperate for water, coke, sugar and any sort of god dam fuel. I avoided that this time so my picnic on the bike worked well.

2) I had a plan for the bike, to cycle between 75-85% of ftp and i stuck to it, ending up riding 80% which meant i started the run feeling strong. Whether i was a bit too conservative on the bike is a different question.

3) I kept the nutrition going well on the run and did all i could on the day. Looking through my training diary, hitting 20- 30km a week with only the last 6 weeks incorporating an interval session is probably too little to hope for a strong half marathon off the bike.

4) I am injury free, I woke up the following day, tired but in one piece.

A big shout out to Andy and Ele who made the weekend a great laugh and well done Jo Carritt on your Kona qualification, great to cheer you on.

Post race, a tired but happy crew!

I headed off to Ibiza for 2 weeks following Weymouth. Originally Weymouth was going to be my last race, but just as running training has been picking up I am keen to get myself to one last race. Challenge Paguera Mallorca 70.3 on October 15th will be my final hit out of the year.

Sunrise in Ibiza, what is not to love.

Ibiza was a nice chance to relax and recover from Weymouth. We experienced our first yoga retreat. 3 days in a beautiful farm house in the middle of the island with Leeds Yoga Hero's teacher Collette and her partner Pete. The food was incredible, it was nice to have the time and space to focus on yoga and meditation, the company brilliant (fun topless swimming with the yogi's in the sunshine) and the body got a nice, well needed long stretch. After a week off all things triathlon, we hired bikes for 6 days (undoing all the good stretching for the yoga retreat, you can't win!) and explored Ibiza on 2 wheels. A real delight of buttery smooth roads, a nice mix of descents, ascents and flat roads with very little traffic, a real gem of a place. Well worth checking our Ibiza, it is far more than it's clubbing reputation.

Thanks Non for the Jersey, when an Olympian/ World Champ gives you a jersey, it deserves a decent ride out. Here is our ride the island route on Strava. Great day out.

Thanks Ibiza, you were a dream.

Back in the UK, I have 2 weeks of training before heading back out to the sunshine to enjoy Challenge Paguera Mallorca.

Good luck with your own end of season racing or relaxing for those who are done and dusted for 2016.

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