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Castles, Mountains and Dragons -Part 1

Is it a Motte and Bailey?

or a Shell keep castle?

maybe it is a Gothic Castle?

Should I pack a bow and arrow? a shield? a jester hat? does my family have a coat of arms (should I know this?) ?

Will there be a draw bridge? Do we need a Trojan horse?

Yes a Trojan horse, how cool would that be, arriving at a triathlon with a huge wooden Trojan horse!

So when going into battle at a Castle, this is how i prepared the day before.....

The Leeds Bradford Triathlon club Aquathlon at Otley lake was a good way to wake up on Saturday morning and have a little blast before Sundays race. I jumped straight in the kayak after to sunbath, i mean keep an eye on all the other swimmer in the club session.

Suz, it is a triathlon at Castle Howard, which isn't even a real castle, its a stately home, built on the site of an old castle. You don't need a Trojan horse. Just swim, bike and run kit....

But i mean a trojan horse would be pretty useful at carrying the insane amount of gear required for a triathlon.

STOP obsessing about the stupid Trojan horse!

OK, so there was no Trojan horse (shame)

What a stunning race venue, North Yorkshire, beautiful....

This is why getting ready for a triathlon, takes me three times as long as i anticipate. My mind floods with possibilities. Add into the mix, I was racing at a castle, whooohooo a castle; draw bridges, spears, jousting, chain mail, and a trojan horse, the possibilities, now i was excited!

Castle Howard Triathlon, 24th July.

As from the above you can see I was super excited about this. I was ready for a day out playing with my bow and arrow, practicing some jousting and throwing spears.

I actually just took part in the Castle Howard standard distance triathlon, 1500m swim, 45km bike and 10km run. The jousting will have to wait for another day. A good day out, even with out the trojan horse. Well done Emma and Hannah on 1st and 2nd, a 3rd for me. You can read my short race report on the Aqua Sphere face book page here

Wetsuits were optional,due to the balmy weather. In Medieval Britain, I bet the ladies of the house never heard 'corsets are optional' . Life for the lasses back in the day were definitely not filled with decision on what lycra to wear and how many caffeine filled energy gels to consume. I went with the boil in the bag strategy and soon was out on the bike. I had a little go at jousting, missing Ele with my water bottle as it came flying off at the first speed bump. I was keen for another go, so went back to get it, then realised i should just cycle and forget the jousting. I went into the run 5th, would i go with an attacking strategy, or a more defensive one? What would the trojan horse do? They always creep up slowly initially,so you can't see it approaching the castle walls, then pounce and attack, hurling the stones over the castle walls. My run, was just like that, slow and steady to start, then go go go attack, well, in my mind. For the spectator it may have been 'a slow wilt in the heat' . I finished 3rd, so my trojan horse tactic worked well, picking up two places on the run.

Eleanor Haresign and myself outside the impressive Castle Howard. What an impressive building, you would hope so too, it took over 100years to build, poor John Vangurd, the designer, he never got to see his masterpiece reach completion, popping his clogs well before it's finish. Great to be back racing with my mate Ele, welcome to the comeback train Ele!

I had a week to clean and put away my jousting pole and find my dragon catcher and mountain legs. Welsh Dragons and Mountains were up next. Sunday 31st July Snowdonia Triathlon (formerly known as the snowman) .organised by Always Aim High events .....to be continued in the next blog

Chasing Dragons in the welsh mountains.....to be continued

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