The Moisturiser Challenge and the food that provides Va Va Voom

"30 days without Moisturiser"

This is the challenge I have set myself.

"Suz, you don't even own a hairbrush, do you even have moisturiser? "

Ok so the body shop would be a very unlikely sponsor for me, but despite my make up and skin care collection fitting in the back pocket of my jeans, I call it minimalist. Moisturiser, I am a big fan of. 30 days with no moisturiser is a big deal for me.


My last blog post "Being a zen loving Ninja" generated many responses, thank you to those who took the time to contact me, it appears it struck a cord with many people. In the blog I explained how I was trying to heal and cure the bump on my heel through mobility and yoga.

Bear with me, this does relate to moisturiser, honestly.

Since writing the Zen loving Ninja blog, not only have I been using Yoga and Mobility to cure the bump on my foot, I have been experimenting with nutrition, they say, "you are what you eat" so in my effort to cure my heel I have been fueling my body with natural foods. I have been doing a fair bit of reading and listening to many podcasts in an effort to understand the natural healing properties of different foods. It it appears to be working. Swimming, cycling and running are all going well, touch wood.

Thrive energy cook book by Brendan Brazier. One of the books that has been influencing me recently.

"My skin is dry, so I need moisturiser"

I think daily, after swimming, after showering, after getting in from bike ride where I have been beaten by the wind, sun and rain. So I apply moisturiser. But then I stopped to think about this. Why do I need moisturiser? Why is my skin dry? It's not meant to be dry, so is something not right?

If I don't need moisturiser, then my skin must be health, if my skin is healthy, my body is on the way to health, if my body is healthy I am in with a good shout of helping it heal itself and prevent injuries and I will be full of Va Va Voom.

A recent cycle time trial, on a cold Saturday afternoon, with some hail and sleet showers. I should definitely have worn more layers, but no moisturiser needed, as I drank a lot of water and a super green mix of spinach, avocado, kale, broccoli, coconut, almonds, almond milk, bananas, chia seeds, sperulina to fuel my body before hand and to revive myself afterwards. Along side sampling a few of the post TT cakes! Thanks Otley cycle club. They always say, balance is key!

In my mind, not needing moisturiser highlights my skin is healthy and my body is in the state to heal itself and is full of life, meaning 100% va va voom. Hence the 30 day no moisturiser challenge. No moisturiser will make me find other ways to keep my skin hydrated and in a broader sense, keep my body healthy.

Totally based on intuition, instinct and absolutely zero scientific journals have been read in relation to this moisturiser challenge.

That is not to say I have not been doing any research into this. I have, especially nutrition. Thank you Simon for the book recommendation "Finding Ultra"by Rich Roll, which lead me to discover Rich Rolls podcast, something I am now completely in love with. The best interview i have listened to so far has been with Andy Puddicombe, founder of Headspace.

Which led me back to using the Headspace app and taking 10 minutes each day for meditation. A few months ago I did a meditation course with Holly at Yoga Heros and started using the Headspace app, but it got neglected as I struggled with it. However I have got back into a roll with it and now truly believe, meditation will keep keep my mind healthy, which will keep my skin healthy so no moisturiser needed. Can having a healthy mind, help keep your skin healthy? lets find out...

Completely going around the houses, maybe, but in my mind, it makes sense.

This is a fantastic animation by Headspace, showing the blue sky is always there. I think it can apply to many aspects of life.

Through Rich Roll, I discovered Brendan Brazier and his Thrive concept. I was discovering a whole community out there in cyberspace who believed in plant power, self healing and well being.There is this an incredible world out there of people, who believe in sustainable physical and mental health that is blowing my mind right now. I especially like this article by Matt talking about 6 steps to an Optimum Athletic performance Lifestyle.

Here are a few Rich Roll podcasts that I have found really interesting

- David Carter, The 300 pound vegan NFL football player, talks about how a plant based diet has made him a better player and person

- Jason Garner's Journey from a life of matter as music industry CEO to spiritual warrior

-John Salley, The 4 x NBA champion, on going vegan for athletic performance, longevity and he environment and why so many pro athletes die young.

The passenger seat, after being heavily influenced by the above podcasts whilst driving to the Raceforce/Always Aim High Triathlon training weekend in Snowdonia recently. I will write about this is more detail in the next blog but for now, lets just say, plants powered me all weekend in icy cold lakes and up snow covered mountains.

Car snacks driving from Leeds to Snowdonia, imagine if the podcast talked about the healing properties of ice cream!

It worked, fulled by plants all weekend. Only 3 swim caps needed!

Now I am no nutrition expert, but my philosophy is; eat what makes me feel great. And that may not be the average breakfast or lunch but as John Salley said in his interview "If your trying to be average, eat like an average person, if your trying to be the best version of yourself, eat like you mean it."

The supermarket cashier looked at me dubiously as I packed the food into one backpack and assured him, I would be fine carrying it home. Marginal gains!

Have fun with your own food shopping and eating, where ever it make take you.


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