Drunken walking and other Mobility Madness

Time flies when you are engrossed in mobility magic.

This week I collected Mobility program number 5 from Sarah. That means we are on week 17 of the specific mobility program she has designed for me in an effort to make my body more efficient and mobile.

How's it going?

Great, I get to stumble around pub gardens doing "Drunken walking drill". No seriously it is called that, and yes I did attempt it in a pub garden, got to have some fun doing these sort of things. There is logic behind he madness, apparently. Click here for the video

The idea behind this drill is to walk using the whole foot, going from the heel all the way through the soul of the foot to the toes and pushing off on the little toe and then the big toe, alternating how you use the foot, getting every muscle and bone involved in the movement.

"It does my head in!"

Is the honest assessment for this mobility training. Just as I conquer one of the movements, and i jump up and down with joy, Sarah replaces it with something I can't do. Elation before the fall!

I get the reason behind this, challenging the body and mind with different movements is the whole idea and there is no point doing a movement that is comfortable, challenge is where the learning happens. But however much we know this, I do love just being able to do something, especially when it has taken me weeks of wobbling, falling over and failing to master it.

A classic example of this was a movement Sarah gave me before Christmas. She calls it Child pose into Chaturanga into Scorpion leg. The aim was 20 reps, 5 times within the circuit of 4 exercises. 100 times she wanted me to do this movement. I could manage 8. Last week after 4 weeks of persistence doing the mobility program I conquered it. 100 reps I did.

Here is a video of the exercise "Childpose into Chaturanga into Scorpion leg" (start in childpose, transfer weight forward into chaturanga, which is basically plank but elbows bent so nose and body hovers above floor by an inch, whilst hovering twist one leg over into scorpion pose and then reverse to starting position)

Will it make me a better triathlete?

I definitely feel stronger in my body, my achilles injury is definitely healing, I have no pain now when I run or inbetween running, though I am only running for very short periods of time (3x15minutes per week). I can do things I couldn't do before such as hop on single legs quite happily at a bouncy pace, before I struggled a lot with this due to my bad achilles. Am I cycling, running and swimming super fast, no. Do I feel super fit, no. Did I get grumpy and sulk in the pool this morning, when I didn't manage to hit the times for each 400m rep, yes. Sorry Simon! It is a long term process, one that requires patience, not ideal for me. But I am investing in it, I do not know if it will make me a faster triathlete, but i feel there is more to gain from trying than not trying at all.

Sarah has written a brilliant article here explaining the mobility program she is designing for me and her work along side Coach Lou. And here she explains the philosophy behind here work.

All of you out there recovering from your own injuries, good luck with the rehab and those trying the prevent them in the first place, keep moving and shaking!


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