CompuTrainer. Will it make me Soft or Fast?

I saw the follow advert on facebook page. I read it, didn't take much notice of it.

"Ride indoors" is what I saw. Now I am not really an indoors person. "Ride Outdoors" now that would have been far more appealing. Wind in the hair, rewards of beautiful views after lung bursting climbs up hills, scaring yourself stupid on descents. Now that's what we are talking about.

Then curiosity got the better of me, what is a Computrainer? So I checked out the website and starting reading the blog section on

Tim Don, uses a computrainer and this is what he said about it....

"I use it even when the weather is good outside as it allows me to do my specific sessions so much more efficiently. I can’t imagine training without it now. Once you CompuTrainer you won’t go back, the proof is in the improved performance!”

The more I read, the more It got me thinking. Could I improve the quality of my training? I have a standard Turbo trainer and rollers and have done a variety of sessions on these but what struck me about a Computrainer was 1) It has a power meter built into it 2) You can be really specific with your training 3) It looks cool and Tim Don uses one, big fan of Tim Don, big hair, big personality and all!

There is no harm in applying I thought. I was sure Simon was going to receive a full inbox of applications, so I got creative I pulled together a few examples of blogs and videos I have done for current sponsors OTE sports nutrition, The Movement Therapy Centre, Raceskin and Always Aim High into a PDF to show what I already do for sponsors and the sort of thing I could do for CompuTrainer. Sponsorship is an interesting topic. It is a two way relationship, companies will help athletes if athletes are willing to help sponsors. This is a great article by Adventurer WIll Gadd, on the development of sponsorship in sports with the arrival of social media.

Now I could sit and wait, or I could be a little creative or some may say cheeky.....

I told Simon one Wednesday morning (as well as being Mr ComputrainerUK he also coaches the Leeds Bradford Triathlon Club Wednesday morning swim session) that the CompuTrainer would look great in my garage. Send me a picture he joked....

Here you go Simon!

They say persistence pays off. Hurrah, I just became a CompuTrainer owner and Ambassador!

Time to stop admiring the CompuTrainer and get it up and running, so I can avoid any more mornings like today's ride to the pool. Will riding indoors, instead of braving the Yorkshire elements make me soft or will it make me faster? I will keep you updated.

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