Press Up like Rocky Balboa

A book I read this summer and really enjoyed was 'Leadership Wisdom' by Robin Sharma, Author

of the best selling "The Monk who sold his Ferrari"

Sharma suggests there are 8 Principles of Leadership.

I have shared all 8 principles at the bottom of this page. This post is about Sharma's Fourth Principle Adaptability and change management.

The key points in this prinicple are:

- The belief that to change the results you need to change what you are doing.

-One should focus on a learning culture

- Learning needs to progress into doing

- A focus on becoming massively competent

-Take opportunities in order to learn and develop

My last blog post 'Crazy Voodoo Magic' shared the work I am doing with Sarah at The Movement Therapy Centre, focussing on mobility training. I promised to keep updates flowing on what is going well and not so well and what we are learning along the way.

Our work, really relates to Sharma's Adaptability and Change Management principle as it is a constant learning curve, I am transferring the learning into doing and working with Sarah is a leap into taking up an opportunity to learn and develop.

Sarah this week has given me a new mobility program, this represents week 7-9 of our mobility work. Still 3 sessions a week, each 30 minutes long.

On reviewing the past 3 weeks, one thing that really struck me was how much stronger and flexible I felt in general. The surprise for me was I was able to do exercise and movements I had not been able to complete before, but I had not been practising these movements.

An example is the following arm stretch. I could do this on my left side but not on my right side. Now I can do it on both sides, but I have not been purposefully practising this.

Another example, Press ups. Every night I do 100 press ups before bed.

Not really, I am no Rocky Balboa, in fact I have not been doing any press ups, well none in the tradition sense. Sarah had me doing 30 once a week as 3 x 10 in a lizards pose. Which meant I could do a half press up. I did this 3 times, once a week, for 3 weeks, 90 in total. 6 minutes in total over 3 weeks. Not much.

So my actual press up ability can not have improved that much?

Well this was the result, it surprised me a lot! Before I could do maybe 12-15 press ups in a row but I would never be able to get my nose to touch the floor, but now, well check out the video here. Still plenty of room for improvement but good progress.

Watch the Video here

Adapting my program to include new movements and exercises has resulted in improving in other areas.

It leaves me wondering....

1)How many press ups I can achieve, without actually practising press ups? Can I do as many press ups as Rocky?!

2) What else will improve through improving my mobility and strength though practising different movements to the ones I normally do?

Have fun with your own learning

The other week I learnt, When a sign says "Road closed, flooding" It really does mean that!

Sharma's 8 Principles of Leadership from 'Leadership wisdom'. A book I would highly recommend.

1) Link paycheck to purpose

2) Manage by mind, lead by heart

3)Reward routinely, recognise relentlessly

4)Adaptability and change management

5) Focus on worthy ritual of personal effectiveness

6)Leader, lead thyself, ritual of self leadership

7) See what all see, think what none think, Ritual of creativity and innovation.

8) Leadership to legacy, Ritual of contribution and significance

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