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"If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got." Henry Ford

I have heard the above quote many a time, I barely paid much attention to it. But then i hit pain, pain once too many times in my Achilles and Heel that had dogged me for several years. I patch it up, continue training and racing, it survives then it fails and then I get hit by the pain. The pain and meeting several wise people made me take note of the above quote.

I have been working with Sarah Pitts at The Movement Theraphy centre for a while now, Here is an interview I did with her in the summer, it may give you a bit of back ground.

I umm'ed and argh for a fair amount of time at what Sarah proposed. Swim, bike, run can wait, focus on mobility, she suggested. I drove Coach Lou mad with my indecision.

Instead of building the four walls of your house higher and higher, with cracks emerging, knocked them down a bit, build the foundations and then when you start swim, bike, run again you can build higher and higher. Sarah’s analogue.

So I said yes, let’s go for it. Sarah, Coach Lou and myself became a trio experimenting into the unknown. I was nervous, it was different, it was change. I quite liked my routine, I knew what I was doing. But then I knew, if I kept doing what I was doing, I would get the same results; pain in the Achilles.

Sarah gave me a mobility workout. 20-30minutes 3 times a week. We would review it, I would give her feedback. Generally along the lines of "I really don't like exercise x because it kills my arms" . but session by session, week by week I began to see changes and improvements. I was able to do things i could never do before.

Sarah also told me to relax, chill out, rest was crucial in the plan. Now rest, the four letter word that I am never quite sure what it means! "Room for improvement" definitely. But I am getting there, a big part is understanding why I need to rest and how it will help my body.

I have been complimenting the mobility workouts with Yoga twice a week and general mobility work, alot of this is in the #12weekwigglechallenge

Videos of the different Mobility activities can be found here

It is early days. Who knows if it will work, but at least I know, I am trying something different to try and get a different result, hopefully pain free compared to painful.

This is a first for Sarah, The Movement Therapy Centre and myself, it's a gamble, a risk but one I am prepared to take. I will be sharing some of my experiences; successes, hopefully, and failures, of which there will be many things learnt I am sure, in the upcoming weeks. I will be doing this in conjunction with The Movement Therapy’s 12 week wiggle challenge, so keep an eye out for them.

Here is a taster.... See this video and more here

6 weeks in, less swimming, lots of mobility and I hit a personal best in a 400m and 200m time trial in the pool. Flexible, stronger shoulder equal faster swimming!

It's all just Crazy Voodoo Magic

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