The beginning, the end and some of the same

Welcome to the brand new, sparkly, snazzy BigSuz website! A pub idea that has become a reality in a handful of weeks thanks to CoeMedia. Yet more evidence that the best things always begin at the pub.

A new website, Is the start of…. well, who knows what will evolve! Have a look around, my favourite section is the ‘Give and Share’ page where I will post anything I think is interesting, creative, funny, inspiring and general makes me go “Wow this is cool, everyone should read/see/watch/hear this”. If you find anything you think i should include in this section, just hollar.

So the website falls into the category ‘New Beginnings’ while Dambuster Triathlon falls under ‘Some of the Same’. A race I have done for the last 4 years, every season I have been in Triathlon. After the race I posted the following on facebook...

4 is the magic number. 4th time competing at the fantastic Dambuster Triathlon, for the 4th consecutive year in my 4th season in Triathlon. 4th place today seems appropriate for the 4th race of the season. (Should have had 4 glasses of wine rather than one last night!) Well done everyone who raced.


The calm before the storm. The start of Dambuster Triathon.

A race that has become part of my race schedule since the beginning and I will keep returning to see if I can take the top spot. Consistency is a skill I greatly admire in Athletes, of all sports and watching Wimbledon and the Tour de France at the moment, one cannot fail to be impressive with Federer and Serena, 17 and 20 Grand slam wins respectively and Tony Martin winning stage 4 of the Tour after so many near misses. Sadly crashing out two day later, highlighting the fine line of success. The more I learn about my own body the more I am in awe of those who keep their body and minds in such great shape year after year to compete at the highest level.

Back to Dambuster. Here are my results over the years from Dambuster…

2012- 6th Overall, 2nd Age Group (2.10.54- shortened swim due to weather)

2013- 8th Overall, 2nd in Age Group (2.21.29)

2014- 2nd Overall, 2nd in Age Group (2.14.54)

2015- 4th Overall, 3rd in Age Grou (2.15.37)

The pre-race drinks and chat with Coach Lou and Jon in their camper in the campsite the night before was great pre-race entertainment. I won’t reveal how Lou drinks her wine, I will let her tell you that one! The campsite is great in terms of being able to roll out of the sleeping bag and straight onto the start line. The race; in all honesty I was a bit disappointed with the result. 3 quality athletes beat me on the day, and I don’t think even on a good day I would have challenged them, I was more disappointed with my own times. The swim was good, an improvement on previous years, the bike, I felt strong but my time was slower than last year and so too the run. That just happens some days and as Coach Lou will remind me “We didn’t train for this race, we are all about the Ironman”. So yes it hasn’t been a focus, and yes all my training has been geared to longer distances instead of the Olympic distance so I will try not to lose too much sleep over it, but it’s hard not to dwell on thoughts such as ‘why wasn’t I quicker?. Not a stellar race but good fun none the less.


Well done Lucy Nell and Sam Rose for 1st and 2nd in 25-29 age category and 2nd and 3rd overall. A Coach Barron podium!

Dambuster was my final race before Ironman UK in Bolton on July 19th. One final week of training followed before I started the Ironman Taper. Never before have I started tapering for a race, 3 weeks out. Shit was getting serious, and that’s exactly what I thought when I saw the Pro start list. My first ever Ironman, a spot on the Pro start list, let’s just say nerves have been running high recently. For the last 8 months this is what all my training has been geared towards. Swim, bike, run, gym, yoga, mobility, repeat, repeat, repeat. As the final week approaches, I can honestly say, I couldn’t have done any more. I have ticked off every single session and I have tried my best. Now all I need to do is get to the start line as fresh as possible and give it my best shot. Sounds easy!


Thats a wrap. The training is done, now to survive an Ironman.

Many people have been asking me about my training and how i have prepared for the Ironman. Post Ironman, I will share it with you, along with what I have learnt along the way. Though if you don't hear from me, and I never write another blog post, you know I have become an Ironman victim, please come find me somewhere near Bolton!

The Ironman journey is coming to an end and this last week I celebrated my 29th Birthday, entering the end of my twenties. As the pictures show, a year older and a year wiser! Thank you for all the Birthday wishes and to the many friends who helped me celebrate it.

IMAG0078 (1).jpg
2015-07-09 11.48.25_edited.png

A year older, a year wiser. My 29th birthday taught me that maybe fairy washing up liquid shouldn't be put in the dishwasher, one way to christen the dishwasher Adam..!

There you have it. The beginning; the first blog post on the new website. Recent weeks has seen some of the same; Dambuster a race I am still to conquer, maybe next year on the 5th attempt. The end, the Ironman Journey is almost complete, when I go to bed on the 19th July it will all be over.

Whatever you are beginning, ending or continuing with a bit of the same, have fun.


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